How to install our LED Light Panels?

Todays blog is is about using our LED Light Panels. How to install our LED Light Panels (CPD Lite Tiles) onto a BACKSPLASH, WALL, or ISLAND WATERFALL This blog is about how to install our CPD Lite Tiles onto a backsplash, wall, or waterfall. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding this…
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Todays blog is regarding using custom LED Panels for Elevators. How do I use and install custom LED Light Panels in an elevator? Today’s blog is about custom LED Light Panels being used in elevators. Our CPD Lite Tile (custom LED Light Panels) are being used inside elevators globally. If your elevator application is…
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What are custom outdoor LED Light Panels and how do I install outdoor LED light panels?

Todays blog is regarding CPD Lighting’s outdoor rated LED light panels, what are they, and how to install them. Q: What are custom LED light panels and what are they used for? A: CPD Lighting calls these our ‘outdoor’ IP65 rated CPD Lite Tiles. Our outdoor CPD Lite Tiles come in any shape or size…
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How to install LED Panels under Corian?

Today’s blog explains some quick insights on how to install custom CPD Lite Tiles (our 100% custom LED panels) under Corian. Whether it be a countertop, backsplash, bar top, island, etc. many of our clients ask this question. Please see below answers by CPD LIGHTING (the backlighting pioneers and backlighting specialists!) Question: What is Corian,…
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How do you illuminate stained glass?

This is one of most popular questions. How do you light stained glass? Stained glass is one of CPD Lighting’s most popular applications, and its also the most critical to light correctly. Stained glass is unforgiving when it comes to incorrect backlighting. If you don’t use the correct lighting it will show through the stained…
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What is an edge lit or custom led panel?

Design is a funny word Q: What is a CPD Lighting edge lit LED panel (or) custom LED Light Panel? A: A CPD Lighting “edge lit LED panel” is a light panel that is used to backlight a number of different things. A few of these things include: graphics, translucent stone such as onyx or…
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