How to install LED Panels under Corian?

Today’s blog explains some quick insights on how to install custom CPD Lite Tiles (our 100% custom LED panels) under Corian. Whether it be a countertop, backsplash, bar top, island, etc. many of our clients ask this question. Please see below answers by CPD LIGHTING (the backlighting pioneers and backlighting specialists!)

Question: What is Corian, and how does lighting Corian differ from natural stone?

Answer: Corian is a man-made stone made of acrylic components. Because of this, it is a bit trickier then lighting up onyx or quartzite (or any other natural stone).

Why you ask? Because acrylic is much more translucent than natural stone. Which is great because your Corian will be incredibly beautiful when illuminated, but tricky because you do not want to see the LEDs or panels where they meet up.

It is at this point in our journey that we, CPD Lighting, should put in a disclaimer. CPD Lighting is a lighting company who supplies custom light panels to many different applications. Stone and Corian are just one of thousands. Not all stones are the same, and not all Corian’s are the same, so it is always up to the end user to test their stone or Corian with our light panels, to ensure they are being installed properly. CPD Lighting offers discounted 7” x 7” sample panels for such testing. Now back to the blog.

Questions: So how do I proceed if my Corian is too translucent and you see the LEDs through the stone?

Answer: Great question. You have several options at this point:

Option A would be to create spacing between the Corian and our CPD Lite Tiles (LED Panels). This is a great option as it will diffuse the lighting, and it will be nice and uniform. The downside is it is a lot more expensive, time consuming, and space may be an issue. Rarely do our clients pick this option for these reasons.

So, what is the other option? Option B is for clients who simply want to put the Corian directly on our CPD Lite Tiles and walk away, no spacing required. How does this option work? CPD Lighting can opaque (black out) the LEDs on ours panels, this way there is no bright spot that shines through the sides of the Corian. See below images. The one picture shows our raw light panels with the LEDs untouched (our standard CPD Lite Tiles), and the other picture shows our CPD Lite Tiles with the LEDs opaque (blacked out). Typically, this is more aesthetically appealing when you put the Corian on the CPD Lite Tiles. PLEASE NOTE: if you want the LEDs opaque you must ask the CPD representative to add this on the CPD Lighting quote, so we are aware this style is preferred.

FYI these are two 7” x 7” RAW sample panels (with no Corian on top) tiled side by side.

See Below for Corian Project Pics Once the Corian Is Installed:


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