What is an edge lit or custom led panel?

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Q: What is a CPD Lighting edge lit LED panel (or) custom LED Light Panel?

A: A CPD Lighting “edge lit LED panel” is a light panel that is used to backlight a number of different things. A few of these things include: graphics, translucent stone such as onyx or corian, acrylics, glass, and some fabrics. A custom LED panel is essentially made up of pure acrylic and LED strips. There is a small channel that is routed out around the acrylics perimeter, and this is where the LED strip is housed. The LED strip is face inward so the light travels through the center of the acrylic to light the panel.  The acrylic also has a dotting matrix engraved in the middle of the panel, and this captures light from the LED and throws it outward toward the surface of the panel. This allow the “edge lit panel” or custom LED panel to illuminate properly and uniformly. Without this dotting matrix, the light from the LED wouldn’t go very far and only 10% to 20% of the acrylic panel would be illuminated, as opposed to 100% of the panel.

Now that we understand the construct of the CPD Lighting LED panel, I am sure you are wondering how we can make these in custom sizes. We do this by cutting the acrylic with lasers. This allows our tolerance to be 99.999% within your size limitation. If you have a curvy shape, we simply need a CAD file or detailed drawing so we are sure to duplicate your design when making our custom sized LED panels.

If you have any questions please contact us, we are here to help!

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