How to install LED Panels under Onyx (or Corian, Stone, etc)

Today’s posts explains some quick insights on how to install LED Panels under Onyx – Corian – Stone using CPD custom LED light panels.

The most common places our clients illuminate stone is either for a bar top, kitchen counter top, wall, backsplash, or fireplace. The easiest way to explain the do’s and do not’s is by a question and answer:

Q: How far away does the custom LED Light Panels need to be from the stone? And can your CPD Light Panel take the weight of the stone if I put it directly on top of the light panel?

A: YES – our CPD custom LED light panels can easily take the weight of any stone. This is not an issue in the least bit.  However the reason that some clients put space between our custom LED Light Panel and the stone is to diffuse our light panel.  Typically 99% of stones are great when it comes to diffusion.  So most client put the stone directly on top of our light panels, but there are times when you may need a ¼” to 1” spacing between them (typically when lighting glass or an ultra thin stone).

Q: Should I make the stone the same size as your light panel?

A: NO. Typically you want us to take in our CPD custom LED light panels about 1/8” to ¼” shorter on all sides. The reason for this is so you don’t see the light shooting outward, when at eye level. You also want some tolerance to work with as well. FYI: CPD custom LED light panels are laser cut and made 100% to the size you give us.

Q: If I am making a bar top or counter, can I put your LED panels directly on the cabinet?

A: Yes and No. You can put our LED Light panels on the cabinet however you should have some plywood down so our panels have something to rest on. The plywood should also be taken in and not be the same size of our light panels (typically you can have a 1” or a tad more overhang of our custom LED Light Panels.

Q: If I am use them for a wall application, how do I install the light panels and stone?

A: When installing our panels against a wall it is very easy. We can make small holes in our LED Light Panels so you can simply drill them directly into the back wall. Then you can simply install the stone on top of our light panels as if you were installing the stone against a wall. You could use stand-off pucks, silicone, or any other stone mounting method.

Q: If we use custom LED Light Panels to light up a backsplash how do we mount the light panels and backsplash?

A: This is a bit more tricky as typically when installing a backsplash you use grout, and you cannot use grout with our light panels. First, to install our light panels you can simply drill them into the back wall. Then, to install the backsplash you can use a translucent grout (as CPD where to buy this) or you can use a silicone.

Q: Can you make cut outs in your panels for sinks, pipes, bar taps, or anything else?

A: YES, we can make any cut out imaginable.

Q: Can you make a curved panel?

A: YES, we can make curved LED panels and LED panels with a radius.

Q: What do you need from me to start making my custom LED Light Panels?

A: All CPD Lighting needs from the client are the sizes emailed to us ( That’s all!

If you have an odd shape then we simply need this in a CAD file and we will make it 100% to your exact specifications.

Q: What is the lead time?

A: This varies from project to project. Please contact us today to learn more.



If you have any questions please contact us, we are here to help!

Thank You!

Don Sowers