CeeLite Flat FLexible Light Bulb

CeeLite Flat FLexible Light Bulb


CeeLite 1mm Thin LEC Light Panels are flat and flexible light panels used for backlighting. These light panels come in standard stock sizes and can also be made in custom sizes. The CeeLite LEC Flexible LightbPanel is a capacitor structure with phosphor sandwiched between the electrodes. Application of an AC voltage generates a changing field within the phosphor, which causes the phosphor to emit light.  CeeLite LEC Flexible Light Panels are constructed using screen printable polymer thick film compositions.The flexible light panels are powered by inverters, which convert the electrical current, either DC or AC, to the required voltage and frequency to power the panel. Different size panels require differing voltages and frequencies – larger panel area requires more voltage and higher frequency. These extremely thin panels typically consume very small quantities of electricity relative to other technologies, particularly incandescent, neon and fluorescent. Contact us today regarding our thin and flexible light panels!


  • Flexible and bendable
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely durable/Impact resistant
  • Thin
  • Brightness control
  • No heat generation
  • Ability to illuminate complex shapes
  • Available in shapes
  • Flexible power options i.e. Battery powered options (AA, AAA, 9V)
  • Programmable light for flashing effect
  • Significantly reduces installation cost compared to other lighting installations
  • Can be incorporated into clothing


Less than 1mm thin

Can be folded or bent to emit light in different directions

Flawless surface illumination without the use of complicated light guiding optics

Only 0.05mA/cm^2 power density at 100V 400Hz
No heat generation

No heat generated

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