CPD Lighting offers a full service Illuminated Trade Show Flooring & Illuminated Flooring to enhance visibility of trade show booths, cars in showrooms, or any other application in which flooring is vital to consumers. Our highly affordable illuminated flooring light panels are the thinnest and most sleek in the industry. Our illuminated floor panels can be customized to your exact size specification. Our Illuminated Trade Show Flooring & Illuminated Flooring has been designed by our engineers who understand how weight and pressure can destroy LED panels over time. Through months of testing and revamping, we have formulated the right equation to allow maximum weight and endurance and we are still able and supremely confident to provide our industry standard 1 year warranty for replacement of panels. Our Illuminated Trade Show Flooring & Illuminated Flooring recipe is proprietary and an installation manual will be provided upon purchase. We provide 3 different layers of the finest materials for supreme hold and 10-15 years of the LED’s lifetime. Email us today and get a discounted 8.5″ x 11″ sample of our lighted flooring!

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