Illuminated Bars and Countertop Lighting

Illuminated Bars and Countertop Lighting

Light panels for Countertops and Bar Lighting is one of most popular applications at CPD. Backlighting countertops with LED light panels is a simple, yet powerful way to bring out the elements of your countertop. Our LED light panels are made 100% custom to your exact bar or counter top design and the install time is minimal. We can go directly off your CAD file or drawing to duplicate the size you need. Our team will supply the light panels, power supply, and lutron type dimmer switches which fully completes the lighting aspect of your project. Our CNC technology allows us to be within 99.99% of your design no matter how complicated, curvy, wavy, or complex you feel it is. As a bonus, our thin light panels last over 75,000 hours which translates over 15+ years when lit during standard business hours. Illuminated Bars and Countertop Lighting is one of most popular applications, please contact us today to learn more!

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