From Our Clients:

We have had the privilege to work on some amazing projects for our customers. From the Las Vegas strip to setting up larger than life LED & Ceelite LEC Panels in downtown Manhattan. We also enjoy smaller projects from back lighting a bar in Philadelphia, or creating that perfectly lit entertainment space in your residence.

Rich Tornetta, Marketing Director

Rich Tornetta, Marketing Director

Cpd lighting was very helpful in assisting me with my light panel selection for my project. I do a lot of custom installations both in residential and automotive applications and I look to cpd’s expertise to advise me on the best products for my particular project. In addition to being knowledgeable and helpful, they’re also…

Jonathan Segal,  Global Designer

Jonathan Segal, Global Designer

“I purchased a number of light panels and installation services from CPD for a restaurant client of mine. The panels were high quality, reliable and cost effective and the service I received was timely and professional. I continually go with and recommend CPD when exploring lighting solutions.” Jonathan Segal,  Global Marketer and Design Professional

Linda V. Blum, James Fox Art

Linda V. Blum, James Fox Art

As marketing director and partner at James Fox Art, (Fox and Fox Art LLP) I had the pleasure of working with Don Sowers, director of operations, CPDlighting on a project for the Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby, Detroit Ponchartrain. CPDlighting was installed to enhance a 15 ft x 4 1/2 foot drawing. The service we received…

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